CIT Team Taking Part in IPCO Virtual Sales Meeting

Virtual BU Belts Sales Meeting: Africa

By Maren Dϋsterloh - IPCO

“Get connected” – Market Manager, Joerg Kaufmann, invited his African team to a ales conference via Teams for Two half days this week. Not so special these days, but as the African Team is already split into four different locations (Johannesburg, Ghana, Port Elisabeth & Egypt) on their daily business, with him as market manager based in Germany, new communication ways need to be found. And business needs to go on.

By connecting three continents and at the same time 10 locations for an interesting experience and market exchange, where also Managing Director, Anders Bodin, as well as Craig Bartsch, Marketing & Sales Manager, based in US contributed to this fruitful and interesting meeting.

“Africa is a promising market with a young motivated team”, says Joerg Kaufmann. “Teams is a really good possibility to keep in touch when travelling is impossible and the last two days showed, that we are connected, that we can discuss our future also in a virtual meeting.”


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