The perfectly flat and smooth surface of a stainless steel belt conveyor means there are no crevices or textures in which germs could hide and breed, and the inherent strength of the material means it is resistant to damage, again minimizing risk of cuts where microbes could develop.

Above all though, the use of stainless steel allows thorough and effective cleaning by whatever means is most appropriate. This superior cleanability was highlighted in a report published by Finnish food laboratory VTT Expert Services Ltd., confirming that risk of bacterial build-up can be reduced, simply by upgrading to a stainless steel conveyor.

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Steinahus The woven rod bar belt consists of smooth cross bars, interconnected by wire strands. The edges are cut or can also have side reinforcement.

Braided wire belts consist of round wire spirals made either from a flat oval or round spiral shape. They are braided in alternate right and left directions and are put together from sections.

These types of belts are used in conveying

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