Some melts remain liquid even when cooled below their melting point and are known as subcooling melts. The reason they refuse to crystallize and solidify is the lack of the crystal nuclei.

However, a supercooling process has been developed to solidify these difficult subcooling melts by producing a homogeneous suspension of crystal nuclei in the melt. This is done with the scraped-surface heat exchanger, called precrystallizer, using a cold cylindrical surface and a heated rotor.

The process enables the melt to be crystallized on the steel belt in a very short time and can be used to produce the desired product form – such as pastilles, micro pastilles or flakes. Since the development of this innovative system, we have  designed, supplied and installed more than 100 supercooling plants. Each has been a turnkey system, incorporating everything from the pre crystallizer heating/cooling equipment to the Rotoform, steel belt cooler and measurement and control equipment.

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