Steel Belts


Flat, smooth and stable, IPCO carbon steel bake oven belts deliver reliable performance, optimum bake quality and exceptional versatility, and are used by bakeries around the world for products as diverse as biscuits, brownies, crackers, pastries, energy bars, part-baked bread, sponges, all-butter cookies, pizza bases and more. Solid and perforated steel belts are low maintenance and easy to clean – which means high productivity – and their lightness compared with other materials means energy savings and lower carbon footprint.

Cooling and Conveying:

The key benefits of a stainless steel conveyor belt are outstanding thermal properties, excellent return on investment and unparalleled cleanability for maximum hygiene. The thermal qualities of a stainless steel belt enable efficient, controlled cooling, casting and solidification of products such as caramel, chocolate buttons or pastilles, hard melt candy, nougat, nut brittle and more. In addition to supplying steel belt-based cooling lines, IPCO also manufactures associated feeding, cooling and control equipment. The inherent durability of stainless steel means steel confectionery conveyors are far more resistant to damage by corrosion, abrasion or impact than any other belt type, ensuring a long working life and an attractive return on investment.

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