What We Do & How We Do It


  Comprehensive service offering ranging from installation to maintenance, repair and troubleshooting through a service network with global reach consisting of skilled service technicians.


The steel belt service offering covers:

  • Steel belt inspection
  • Steel belt installations
  • Steel belt repair
  • Steel belt replacements
  • Belting and spare parts


IPCO can also assist you with advice on the most suitable steel belt grade and recommendations.

The IPCO steel belt service program includes is a package of light and easy-to-use tools. The IPCO belt service equipment is designed to enable service technicians to complete repairs quickly and effectively so that any delays to production are kept as short as possible.

All of this is through IPCO’s local certified technician.

Assessment & maintenance of the cooler
(powder paints industry)

Belt end preparation for welding

Bonding and repairing of v-rope

Welding connection using automatic welding jig

Heat treatment for welding connection.

Grinding of welding connection in carbon steel belt

Finishing of welding connection in carbon steel belt

Insertion of a new carbon steel belt in the oven

Welding connection in perforated carbon steel belt.

Adjustment of the welding jig before the welding process

Installation of a stainless steel belt
1.5 m wide in a sulphur cooler.

welding of chocolate mass conveyor belt.

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