Analytical Instruments & Controllers

Pfaudler invented the industry’s only glass-lined pH monitoring and control instrumentation that helps to achieve excellent batch quality control and to reduce the hazards associated with manual sampling.



Fast sensing of process temperatures enables precise regulation. Lower energy input and energy losses result in well-balanced energy management and therefore lower costs. Various technologies are available, depending on the application, including:

Fused-in Pt-100 resistance thermometer
Fused-in thermocouple
Inserted Pt-100 temperature sensor


Corrosion monitoring

Reliability is crucial to effective corrosion monitoring. Whether you monitor your equipment continuously or check it periodically, you can depend on the result every time. We offer the following corrosion monitoring technologies:

Continuous corrosion monitoring with P probe and corrosion detector stationary
Mobile corrosion testing with corrosion detector portable

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Pfaudler provides rugged instrumentation for corrosive applications and control systems for any application.

The right instruments and controls ensure efficient operation while also ensuring safe operation for the protection of personnel, property and the environment.

Pfaudler’s process indication instruments provide complete, continuous indication of process conditions to be utilized by control systems to ensure tight process control. This ensures efficient process operation, high quality product, and high yield, which in turn, ensures reduced raw materials consumption and costs.

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