IPCO carbon steel bake oven belts deliver reliable performance, optimum bake quality and exceptional versatility, and are used by bakeries around the world for products as diverse as biscuits, brownies, crackers, pastries, energy bars, part-baked bread, sponges, all-butter cookies, pizza bases and more.

Solid and perforated steel belts are low maintenance and easy to clean – which means high productivity – and their lightness compared with other materials means energy savings and lower carbon footprint.

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Steinhaus wire mesh belts compared with other wire mesh belts, rolled baking oven belts have several advantages of being thinner and lighter in weight plus they have an even and smooth surface.
So the baked goods rest on a flat surface with less risk of breakage and packing is facilitated, since the bottom side of the product is smooth.
Moreover, the bottom side shows an appealing characteristic pattern.
This excellent air permeability for our belts ensures perfect heat circulation, more economic heat management of the oven and baking processes can often be made faster.

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