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Koksoprojekt is high specialized engineering company with over 55 years of experience in design engineering and completing of projects in the area of coke-making industry and related branches of industry including environmental protection facilities.

Koksoprojekt is specialized in:

  • conventional coke-making including large-size coke oven batteries with stamp charging and top charging system as well as new processes of coke oven gas treatment,
  • coal by-products recovery and treatment, including electrode pitches production,
  • graphite electrodes and processed coal products production,
  • storage yards (including loading and unloading operations) of solid and liquid fuels, and wastes,
  • air-tight sealing systems with vapours recovery for chemical plants and fuels storage,
  • industrial gas systems and utilities supply systems,
  • civil engineering and industrial building including area management,
  • complex electric installations, instrumentation & control and automation systems,
  • water and waste water management systems,
  • heating systems, air-conditioning and ventilation systems,
  • environmental protection equipment for various process lines.

In the area of environmental protection Koksoprojekt has developed its own technologies for: coke oven gas cleaning, including:

  1. a) coke oven gas desulphurization by Ammonia, Catalytic - Soda and Potash -Vacuum process,
  2. b) ammonia removal,
  3. c) benzol removal,
  • coke oven batteries and auxiliary plants and process lines dedusting systems,
  • tanks and loading terminals air-tight sealing systems.

Koksoprojekt co-operates with many renowned foreign companies and is ready to adapt its design engineering documentation to standards and requirements imposed by every Customer.
Engineering services offered by "Koksoprojekt" include the whole of activities required to complete the overall project.

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"EKO - PAR" representing the Polish private capital, was established in order to carry out the objects and environmental protection equipment.

From design, construction elements, production, delivery to the assembly of machinery and equipment.

Projects include:

  1. Installation, extraction, neutralization, ventilation and air conditioning for industrial facilities
  2. Installation of dust collection devices as filters and electrostatic precipitators with pneumatic transport,
  3. Installation of steam, condensate, gas, water and central heating systems and other technological systems in the network of internal and external industrial and housing,
  4. Stations blowers and aeration for sewage treatment plants,
  5. Stations dehumidification to 5 ° C and - 30 ° C dew point,
  6. Bag filters and cyclones, multicyclones, electrostatic precipitators, neutralizers gases and vapors, etc..,
  7. Implementation of the wastewater treatment plant as well as the treatment of mine water
  8. Installations for cleaning the dust settled
  9. Stations air treatment for ventilation of, construction equipment, steel halls, lights, flyovers, bridges, containers, pallets, filters, pressure vessels, etc..,

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DABSTER is an engineering company operating in the market since 1991. Dabster is Specialized in tasks in the field of industrial construction and installations "turn-key".  Providing own technologies and know-how - in particular, the installation of the production of Aluminum Sulphate.

Moreover, Dabster provides multiple services as FIDIC Contract Engineer, Deputy Investor, Independent Technical Consultant or Replacement on the domestic and abroad markets.


Fields of Service

  • Analysis and assessment of technical installations
  • FIDIC Contract Engineer
  • Industrial design
  • Independent Technical Consultant for banks
  • Inspector of investment supervision by the revitalization of historic buildings
  • Technical advice / Technical assist
  • Assembly of equipment, piping and installation

 Technical services

  • Analysis and assessment of technical installations
  • Delivery of machinery, equipment and spare parts
  • Servicing of equipment and installation / commissioning and maintenance
  • Assembly of equipment, piping and installation

Designing services

  • Industrial design
  • Technical designs


  • Design and build - Aluminum sulfate (ASP I) production plant in Cairo, Egypt
  • The "center of Sopot" - construction of the Sheraton hotel, spa, parking and office building, shopping and service center with cinemas, apartment building and a tunnel in Sopot.
  • Investor replacement for bitumen upgrading the existing station and construction of additional new station, along with the reconstruction of pipelines in ORLEN Sp. z o. o. in Plock
  • FIDIC Construction Site engineer at the Sheraton Hotel in Cracow
  • Modernization of Sludge Transport System
  • Modernization of sludge conveyors
  • Design and execution system for material handling conveyor bath cooling for aluminum smelters Nordural Aluminium

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Repair and Production Enterprise "ZK-REM" Sp. of o.o provides comprehensive services in the field of repairs, modifications, maintenance of machinery and industrial equipment, construction and installation of steel structures.

Technological capabilities and technical equipment enable us to fulfill special orders of our customers. Efficient organization and executive teams of highly qualified and experience guarantee the highest quality services.

ZK-REM offers a wide range of services including .:

  • Manufacture and installation of steel structures, repairs of tanks, elements sides of inland waterway vessels
  • pumps, compressors, blowers,
  • Lifting equipment, overhead cranes, construction machinery,
  • Switchgears, electrical, battery-electric,
  • Technological lines

ZK-REM has the production capacity for construction Equipment

- Planer Longitudinal, Planer Transverse, Boring, Lathe, Center Lathe, Lathe TR-90, Universal milling machine, Grinding Machine, Grinder, Hydraulic Press


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Known also as PCXT, is a company with years of experience, we work in the field:

  • industrial construction
  • housing
  • communication infrastructure
  • fabrication of steel for concrete reinforcement
  • domestic supplies and exports of steel and non-ferrous metals

PCXT is specialized in the construction, modernization and repair of:

  • coke oven batteries
  • any furnace iron and steel
  • furnace smelting of nonferrous metals
  • furnaces for cement and lime
  • industrial


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