Evaporators, Filters & Columns

Pfaudler Engineered Systems Group custom designs complete distillation column systems to suit mass transfer process requirements including stripping, rectification, absorption or batch distillation.

With Pfaudler’s extensive experience and expertise, you can count on us for all your evaporation and mass transfer technology needs.

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CEE industrial evaporators are ideally suitable for concentrating a range of solutions / suspensions including highly heat sensitive liquids where original properties of the product have to be preserved and the stability of the product is vital.

CEE offers custom built plants, which can be specially designed and sized to optimize the operation cost vis-a-vis the initial investment. Single or multiple effect system using Falling Film, Forced Circulation, Scraped Surface(ATFE) can be offered to meet product requirements. The system can be offered as a package unit inclusive of pre-heaters, thermo vapour recompressors (TVRs), vapour separators, transfer pumps, vacuum pumps and condensers and solvent stripping units.

  • Falling Film Evaporators
  • Forced Circulation Evaporators
  • Agitated Thin Film Evaporators
  • Product Evaporators
  • Zero Liquid Discharge Plants

For more information, please visit: http://ceeindia.com/

Pfaudler filtration technologies deliver safe, contained, efficient solid-liquid separation in stainless steel, Glasteel® and Fluoropolymer lined construction.

Pfaudler Glasteel® or fluoropolymer-lined shell is the backbone of the distillation column.  Whether your separation requirements are for distillation, stripping, absorption or reaction, Pfaudler process engineers complete the column solution by designing the column internals configuration for your specific process.

For more information, please visit: https://www.pfaudler.com/



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